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Dymny Sour

Dymny Sour is a new thing – a bomb of flavours cooked in proportions we haven’t tried before. Compact song forms juxtaposed with psychedelic improvisation. Rock’n’roll and electronica, avant-groove and drunken ballads. The smoky aftertaste of whisky after a birthday party with a refreshing hint of lime in Ibiza. Relief for hunched surfers, viagra for swaggering poets, blush for the cheeks of grizzled citizens. Created, I ask you, with passion! It’s a taste of the mostntisan childhood, but also a catalyst for fresh neuronal connections. A new guilty pleasure – good because it’s sour!

Michał Dymny – vocals, keyboards, electronics
Filip Franczak – bass
Tetsuya Nara – guitar
Rafał Zając – drums, sampler