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Rycerzyki (Polish for “Little Knights”) is an alternative pop group from Kraków, Poland, formed in 2012. Their music is a highly melodic blend of various musical styles such as psychedelia, lounge, disco, prog, synth-pop, dream pop, sophisti-pop, indie rock. Having caused quite a stir in Polish media with their home-recorded first album (2015), Rycerzyki played several concerts around Poland and performed live on such events as Off Festival in Katowice as well as Spring Break in Poznań or Green Zoo Festival in Cracow – opening for Canadian band TOPS. The album has also met great acclaim from Rycerzyki’s fans, who would later help realize Rycerzyki’s further ambitions through crowdfunding.

In 2017, under the watchful eye of Michał Kupicz, the second album ”Kalarnali” was recorded. Released on February 2018 (Thin Man Records), the album has garnered enthusiastic reviews in both mainstream and independent media. The leading single “Czerwiec” (“June”) was chosen Song of the Week in Polish Radio Three, while “Kalarnali” held the title of Album of the Week in several Polish radio stations and appeared in numerous lists of “albums of the year 2018” (e.g. Beehype, Polifonia).

Rycerzyki was also chosen as “INES talent 2019” by INES (Innovation Network of European Showcases) as one of promising young 100 bands out of 12 european countries. As a result of this nomination, they were invited to Monkey Week 2019 Festival in Sevilla, where they performed two gigs. Currently, they are pretty close to finish their work on the third album and release it right after pandemic.